Japanese Traditions and Popular Culture in Japanese Foods


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This website will introduce the difference between Japanese food in America and Japanese food in Japan, and Japanese foods that American people don’t really know about. I will write blogs about Japanese foods that are related to Japanese tradition and popular culture.

Japanese foods nowadays reflect Japanese traditions, as well as having been affected by popular culture in Japan. “Japanese food” represents not only Japanese traditional food but also food that was “invented” by Japanese people. For example, Japanese curry is not related to Japanese tradition at all, however, Japanese made a change to Indian curry and the “new” curry has became poplar in Japan.

Of course there are Japanese foods related to Japanese tradition; they are usually recognized as Japanese foods. Japanese restaurants in America have many kinds of these Japanese foods, but they have less variety of foods that are poplar in Japan.

I have spent 19 years in Japan and 4 years in America. I have noticed this food gap between Japan and America: what Japanese food is. This is why I built this website and would like to introduce what Japanese food in Japan is like in order to make the gap smaller.

I have mostly been working on my blogs talking about Japanese food related to Japanese tradition and popular culture: Japanese osechi, mochi, street food, and so forth. Although other pages are still under construction, I’ll update some more blogs soon.

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